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Here are monsters from Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane.

The Daleks

Name: Dalek

Home Planet : Skaro

Race : Kaled

First appearance : The Daleks (The Mutants)

The Daleks are the most deadly and feared of all the alien races the Doctor has encounted. They are driven to deatroy everything and anyone who isn't a Dalek. Their powerful death rays can kill human straight away, as they shout their battle cry 'Exterminate!' Using anti-gravity technology to hover above the ground, they are a formidable force, especially in large numbers.


Name : Cybermen

Home Planet : Originally from Mondas (Earth's 'twin' planet), later adopted Telos.

Race : Humans

First appearance : The Tenth Planet

The Cybermen were once humans, but tried to combat their race's shortening life span with cybernetic surgery. They also 'enhanced' their brains, removing the weakness of emotion. The result was the Cybermen-strong and efficient, not needing to breathe, but without fear of emotion, or humanity.


Name : Sontarans

Home Planet : Sontar

Race Sontarans

First appearance : The Time Warrior

The Sontarans are a militaristic race dedicated to warfare. They have been at war with the Rutans for millennia, neither side gaining a lasting advantage in the struggle. From a high-gravity planet, the Sontarans are a strong, stocky race, cloned at a rate of a million every four minutes in great 'muster parades'. They are identical in nearly every respect.


Name : Zygons

Home Planet : Unknown 

Race : Zygon

First Appearence : Terror of the Zygons

The Zygons are an alien race from a planet destroyed by a stellar explosion. A vast refugee fleet was assembled when the catastrophe struck, but had nowhere to go. However, a group of Zygons led by Broton had been stranded on Earth when their spaceship was damaged. They had been awaiting rescue for centuries. Re-establishing contact with their people, they discovered what had happened and determined to make the Earth their new planet; melting the polar ice caps, raising the overall temperature and creatinglakes with a mineral content in which their formidable dinosaur-like Skaresens could thrive. Broton's spaceship is concealed beneath the waters of Loch Ness, and a Skarasen lives in the loch itself.



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