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Name : Type 40 TT Capsule (TARDIS)

Home Planet : Gallifrey

Race :

First Appearance : The Unearthly Child

The Doctor's TARDIS is actually a Type 40 TT Capsule. Transcendentally engineered to be bigger on the inside than the outside, the small exterior hides a huge control room and many other chambers. But the TARDIS is old and, by Time Lord stndars, far from the latest model. The TARDIS is fitted with a Chameleon Circuit, which means it can change its outward appearance to blend in with its surroundings when it lands. But - like many other TARDIS components- the circuit is broken. It failed while the Doctor was visiting Earth in the 1960s, so the TARDIS remains stuck in the shape it adopted to blend into that time and place - a London Police Box. Before they were destroyed in the Great Time War, the Time Lords had built giant citadels and mighty spacestations. But their most impressive achievement will always be their TARDIS time ships.



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